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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 | 1 comment

What is the Secret of the Popularity of Viral Videos?

What is the Secret of the Popularity of Viral Videos?

A newsletter email from YouTube caught my attention today: the Gangnam style video by Psy reached one billion views. I did watch the video and a few parodies, and yeah, it is a catchy tune, no doubt about that. But one billion views?! Really, what is the secret of such popularity? A lot of talented people every day are looking for the ways to put themselves out there for public. Yet, viral animal and baby videos do not require any talent but rather some luck to catch “the catchy” moment. As an example, check this: more than 500M views for a baby video and more than 67M views for a kitty video.

So, what’s the secret of the popularity? I did not find the answer, even that there are some features that can contribute to more popularity, and hence, more views. When we talk about babies or animals, it is definitely an unusual behavior, not commonly seen. It may be a usual behavior, too, but the uniqueness of the character makes it work. When it comes to music, there is no recipe. Tastes differ and some artists end up being remembered for one song only, even that it had an enormous number of views. One of such singers is Gotye, whose hit “Somebody that I used to know” reached more than 358M views on YouTube. As to my taste, it is a great song. I am still wondering why other songs of his had only few hundred thousand views. I’ve watched this latest video clip “What do you want” of his with the cool animation and decided to share it with you. It is an interesting concept, where a human being is trying to find answers from God about his intentions. I think it deserves more views. As for popularity, it looks that anything requiring more thinking that just shaking the butt, is destined to less views:-)



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1 Comment

  1. These harlem shake vids are insane… An agency in my field just put one out and then it’s like everyone in the field followed. Gotta get on the band wagon :)

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