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Posted by on Apr 14, 2013 | 0 comments

Peter Nalitch – ‘Sea’. A Sad, Magnetic & Soothing Voice.

Peter Nalitch – ‘Sea’. A Sad, Magnetic & Soothing Voice.

You know, there are such days in the office, when something goes viral. It was back in 2007, when my colleague sent me a link to the video, that was more of a parody to a song. The song with a simple name “Guitar” and an extremely catchy tune had gone viral. The words were (intentionally) written in broken English, and the song belonged to a Russian rising star, Peter Nalitch and Friends. I watched the video several times in a row, and it instantly added more fun into my mundane office routine. The video clip to the song looked ‘home-made’, which was true. During one month the video clip was viewed 70,000 times! (Now there are almost 6M views!) This was the beginning of Peter Nalitch’s career.

Peter Nalitch

There was something magnetic about his voice. You could hear irony, disappointment, humor, dreaminess and love in his songs. The voice itself had some innate sadness to it. That’s what probably attracted females. Not all could be hooked on swagger, many would like to meet a sad, lonely guy and ‘save’ him. A fun part of his repertoire probably attracted men. Other songs that followed shared the same non-chalant attractive manner of performance. There were funny, ironical, mellow and sad songs. Maybe, the trick was in singing funny songs in a sad voice? Peter and Friends started gaining more fans. Online community shared joy from discovering a new band, and soon fans unanimously agreed that there was a smart and cool team behind the fun.


In year 2010 Peter and Friends represented Russia at EuroVision and took seventh place. I have been a fan of Peter since the beginning of his career. There are some songs in English in his repertoire. It is hard to give a name to his style, but he himself defines it as “Jolly Baburi” (made up name). Stylewise, it is a mixture of pop, rock, comedy and folk music. You can find more songs here and here on his official website, YouTube, and you can get them on iTunes. Here is one of my favorite songs and video clips “Sea“. I was touched by the story, narrated in the cartoon video clip, that can be understood without words. For English subtitles, you can check it here or just below this post. Enjoy!



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