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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 | 0 comments

“Hungry and cannot cook…” Can you chop? Veggie Ragout, that cooks under 40 minutes.

“Hungry and cannot cook…” Can you chop? Veggie Ragout, that cooks under 40 minutes.

Hunger is the best pickle.

Benjamin Franklin.



Sometimes we get so busy, that we hardly have time to cook. Then we face the choice of ordering something over the phone or try to cook something really quick, yet nutritious and healthy. From my observations, food delivery on average takes 30 minutes to arrive. If you are happy with the choice, it may not be a problem. I am not a fan of fast food (even when too busy or hungry), so I often think, I would rather use this time to cook something really quick. Also, I know there are some people out there, who do not only dislike fast food, but also cannot cook that much. I truly feel for those people, as I can hardly recall any healthy affordable fast food options. Let me share a recipe with you that I invented on one of such busy evenings, when I was starving and needed something immediately. If you cannot cook, I am sure you can chop. Chopping veggies and placing them into water is all you need. Since all you need is food now, and love can wait, go ahead, try this easy dish!:-)

I call it a Veggie Ragout, since veggies are stewed in a little bit of water and is served like soup. You may tailor it to your dietary needs, but it does taste great as it is.

Veggie Ragout.


– 2 large organic potatoes, chopped.

– 1 large zucchini, chopped.

– 1 large organic carrot, chopped.

– 1 bulb of red onion, chopped.

– 1 clover of garlic, chopped.

– 4 small sweet peppers (any sweet peppers can be used), chopped.

– dry spices (salt, pepper, allspice, dill weed, garlic powder, paprika, ground cayenne red pepper).

– green herbs: parsley, cilantro, scallions.

– 4 tbsp (or half can) of curried rice & beans (see photo below).

– a piece of unsalted organic butter.

Cooking process.

It is hard to call it cooking. You just cut or chop everything into small chunks, and then place them into the sauce pan as shown in the photos below. First goes a layer of potatoes, then carrots, then zucchini, then peppers. Pour over some water, but the top layer of veggies should not be covered. Set to boil. Once it starts boiling, set timer for 20 minutes and cook it on a low heat, covered. While it is cooking, chop and saute red onion. Then chop garlic, parsley, cilantro and scallions. Closer to the end of cooking add sauteed onion, spices and a piece of butter. Mix it, taste it and add approximately 4 tbsp of curried rice and beans. A golden rule for such concoctions is to let ragout come to a boil each time you add a new ingredient. It should still be a low heat. Ragout should be ready by now, so you can add chopped green herbs at the end. Serve it in a deep bowl with some croutons. I added slices of avocado as I wanted something raw (uncooked). It should feed 2-3 people or a very hungry one:-) Enjoy!

Chop potato.


Chop zucchini.




Chop sweet peppers.



Chop carrots.


Place layers of potato, carrots, zucchini and peppers in a sauce pan and add water without covering the upper layer. Set to boil and then set timer for 20 minutes. Cook covered.


Chop red onions.


I use grapeseed oil to saute onions.



Chop garlic.


Chop scallions.


Chop parsley.


After 20 minutes your veggies should be cooked, so you start adding other ingredients and spices.


Spices used for this ragout.


Adding spices and sauteed onion to the ragout.


Add approximately 4 tbsp of canned mixture of curried rice & beans. This item can be found in WholeFoods.



Slowly stir rice and beans with ragout. Let it come to a boil.

At the very end of cooking add green herbs to ragout. If you plan to eat it all, you do not have to bring it to a boil again.


A little bit of butter never hurts:-)

That’s it! Eat it while it is hot!



Millet croutons from Nature S’Mart shown in this recipe. They are made locally, that’s why I decided to try them.



Some croutons and avocado slices are a great addition to this hearty ragout.


Please share this recipe. I am sure there is always someone busy and hungry, who needs a quick recipe, an alternative to fast food. Thank you!



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