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Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 | 0 comments

Chunks of Energy. Tasty and Healthy Snacks.

Chunks of Energy. Tasty and Healthy Snacks.

I would like to share with you my review of the product with a cute name Chunks of Energy. I met the creator of this wonderful product, Michael, at the raw meetup. He was visiting Florida, and decided to join a raw-meal dinner at Leafy Greens Cafe. He brought several varieties of chunks of energy, which are organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free mixtures of pressed nuts, seeds, vegetables or dried fruits. (They do not contain gluten, and certified gluten-free packages are available.) If you think of energy bars, some of them are crispy, other ones are chewy. Most likely you can taste too much sugar or too much salt in those regular bars. I find chunks of energy pleasantly chewy, neither too sweet, nor salty. In fact, sodium levels are either zero, or very little.

It was not only taste, that impressed me. It was nice to meet the owner of the brand, who eats his own product, who follows healthy lifestyle, who looks and feels good about himself. It is like an old joke: would you believe a dietitian who is overweight? or the doctor who smokes? It is the same way I feel about the farmers, whom I buy my vegetables from. I see them eating their strawberries, unwashed, right from the tray. So, I buy it, too.

When we choose a snack, first thing we think of is the taste. Shall we like it? Only some of us are reading what is written on the label. I am not a dietitian, but even a quick look at the ingredients of Chunks of Energy gives you an idea, that this snack is safe. Here is a list of cha cha chia “chunk”: all organic date paste, sesame seeds, cashews, coconut, cocoa butter, apricots, raisins, chia seeds, orange extract (gluten-free). We should admit, many American meals and snacks are either overly salted or loaded with refined sugar. Then follow all kinds of additives, artificial sweeteners, and other nasty stuff. What I like about the “chunks” is that you can see the list of recognizable organic fruits, seeds and vegetables on the ingredient list.

Well, what else makes chunks different from other energy bars? First, their taste. It is pleasant and natural. They do not produce some strong flavor, which is normally a sign of several additives. Due to the right combination of fruits, seeds and nuts they taste really good! Next, there is a good variety to choose from to suit many diets. There are certified organic, vegan, raw, soy-free, dairy-free chunks, and they don’t contain gluten (although the ones sold in bulk are not certified, because of the risk of cross-contamination). Certified gluten-free chunks are available in packages from their website. For a full list of ingredients please check the website. Finally, it is the approach of the owner, who strives to preserve the quality and brand integrity. It is a small business, whose owner prefer not to spend money on the packaging. Instead, they keep focusing on the quality of the product. Do you know many such products? I bet, each product nowadays is associated with the packaging. The evidence is when the company decides to modify (“improve”, according to them) the packaging, we start panicking! Did it happen to any of you? The case with chunks of energy is different. They would like their product to be remembered for what it is: quality, taste and same great “naked” look.

It all started with spirulina powder and carob powder as powerful ingredients, that inspired the creator. Now you can enjoy such varieties as cacao with goji berries, carob supergreens, carob spirulina, date flax with turmeric, mixed berry, to name a few. Michael has been working for many years in natural foods businesses. As a result, he created a product, that is successfully selling in many health stores, like WholeFoods, Nutrition S’Mart and Rollin’ Oats (in Tampa and St Petersburg, FL). Chunks of Energy can be found in bulk bins, which is very convenient when you are trying the product for the first time. You can also get them online from either of these websites: and

It was my pleasure to meet Michael in person. He is very passionate about healthy food, and you can read more interesting facts about his diet and his life on his website All ingredient and nutrition information is listed on the website, so you can rest assured what you see is what you get.

If you are looking to quickly boost your energy without harmful chemicals, or just need a healthy snack or dessert, you are destined to love Chunks of Energy. They taste great and make a perfect alternative to cookies or energy bars.

Chunks of Energy

Cha cha chia and lemon pomegranate (light ones), raw cacao with goji and carob supergreens (dark ones)



Chunks of Energy in Nutrition S’Mart in bulk bins:

chunks of energy in stores

chunks of energy in stores2-2

If you tried chunks of energy and liked it, please share it in your comments below.



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