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Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 | 0 comments

A Spoof on Graphic Tops.


“Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.”

William Makepeace Thackeray.

Nothings entertains me more than laughing. I can laugh at myself, I openly laugh at others if they don’t mind. When it comes to style and fashion, only bold people can apply humor to choosing their wardrobe. I sometimes would like to wear something provocative in a humorous way, but honestly, I am afraid to hurt other people. Nowadays with political correctness we are controlling ourselves so much that we think twice before saying things, not to mention wearing things with some humorous prints or text all day long. Clothing can cause a stir and raise some eyebrows. So, I play it on the safe side.

I have been looking for a graphic top with some humorous print for a long time. What I mostly appreciate in tops is the fabric. I love soft cotton tees. That is why I truly enjoy wearing American Eagle, Hollister and Aeropostale t-shirts, – they are so soft, comfortable and form fitting. You can always find good deals on those tops. However, all these tops are very recognizable as they use a lot of logo text or graphic. I wanted to try something different this time. I wanted a graphic top of a good quality and good price with some different graphic. Something stylish and entertaining.

On one of my trips to Nordstrom I found the tank top that I really liked. Graphic print was not exactly about humor. It was rather a spoof. Many of you can recognize a famous label of a product. However, the text is modified. Now it is about a famous band, that I used to listen. I liked the graphic print, the quality, the band and the price.

I was lucky to find other good deals during my shopping spree: a black belt for $15 from Armani Exchange and a cropped white top from Hollister (just perfect for layering) for $7. I already had destroyed denim shorts from American Eagle to put it all together into a perfect summer ensemble.

I took the photos and meant to post it a month ago, but my overseas trip interrupted my schedule. Lack of Internet and being constantly on the road prevented me from posting it back then. However, I have some new photos and impressions to share from my trip. Stay tuned to see more!








What I wear here:

Graphic Tank – Nordstrom (sold out).

Destroyed denim shorts: American Eagle (old). Also like this one.

White cropped top with lace (layering) – Hollister. Also like this one.

Belt: Armani Exchange.

Shoes: Schutz.

Bracelet: H&M.


See more spoof on graphic tops:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 12.45.00 PM

Hotmes Graphic Tank – click here to get it!


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 12.58.57 PM

Diet Love Tee – click here to get it!


Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.43.21 PM


Rollin’ with the Homies Tee – click here to get it!

Would you wear them? What graphic tops do you have in your collection? Please share your impressions below.



The Amateur Expert.

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